The 2017 budget was adopted by SNI Board Members meeting under the chairmanship of the Rt. Hon. Simon Achidi Achu, as follows: CFAF 11,546.745 million as income and CFAF 6,801.075 million as expenditure.

By adopting this budget, the Board Members also gave their discharge for the implementation of the related action plan as presented by Management. The major actions of the action plan include SNI's technical support to Government as part of reforms in the Corporation, finalization and adoption of the SNI investment policy paper - in accordance with the new missions assigned to the Corporation following its reforms - and increase in the economic and financial profitability of investments.

It will also be necessary to clean up the portfolio of holdings and increase the overall return of the portfolio, intensify the search for investment opportunities, develop new investments, particularly in the mining sector, and pursue the search for and the mobilization of funds to finance the grand investment programme.

In addition, a point of honor will be made in 2017 to provide consultancy services and assistance to Government, finalize the study on the subsidiarization of the real estate activity, develop the landed property of SNI, start up effective renovation of the headquarters building, promote the private sector for the emergence of SMEs/SMIs, and continue the reinforcement of measures that contribute to the proper management of the Corporation.

Lastly, there are plans to strengthen human resources by recruiting support staff and experienced managers to replace the many staff members going on retirement, continue the modernization of services with a view to improving the working environment and actually see through the successful completion of old cases and the prevention of new litigation.

Capering in the bouncy castle, plunging into the ball pit, jumping joyfully after fishing a gift or after scoring a table football goal, joining the live performance of the day’s singer, the children gave themselves to their heart's content as soon as they arrived at the SNI headquarters building. The most timid of them contented themselves to have their faces painted and to eat popcorn while waiting for the actual start of the ceremony, with their eyes constantly directed towards the tent sheltering the gifts.

The handing of the gifts did not delay, barely time to revel in the humorous dance show presented by “Les Daltons de la capitale”. With great eagerness, all the guests of honour of the day, at the call of the names by family, went up to Mother Christmas to receive the precious packages, not without having promised to be obedient to their parents throughout the period before the next feast, as urged by the SNI General Manager, Mrs Yaou Aïssatou, in her welcome remarks.