With almost half a century of experience, SNI remains the economic development lever in Cameroon. Over the years, through the creation of many leading companies in the Cameroonian and sub-regional industrial fabric, the Corporation has faithfully fulfilled its mission.

Not contenting itself with this success story, SNI intends to consolidate its achievements and conquer new economic sectors in order to promote even more high-yield investment operations. To this end, SNI provides to private sector stakeholders, the State, local authorities and public establishments with its various products and services.


Venture capital

The corporation has funds with which it can acquire shares in joint ventures with other partners, finance its own projects or those initiated by private national or international promoters.

Development Capital

SNI can participate in financial restructuring through the provision of funds, consolidation of loans or advances to the shareholders' current account during the implementation of development plans (upgrading of capital, capacity extension or expansion) or company rehabilitation plans.

Capital Transfer and Retrocession

SNI can acquire shares in existing companies with high growth potential.

Loans and Guarantee

SNI can grant loans and/or advances to the shareholders' current account of companies in which it holds shares, in proportion to its participation to the capital.
The guarantees required by SNI for loan grants are: mortgages, collateral security and credit allocation.

Consultancy, Assistance and Training

SNI can provide consultancy services to third parties for a fee. Consultancy or assistance can be provided for studies, search and mobilization of funds, search for technical or trading partners, suppliers of equipment or raw materials, negotiation of various contracts, preparation of tender documents, examination and selection of bidders, etc….

Training is done through the organization of or participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, colloquiums and forums.