To position itself as the reference in terms of wealth creation for economic development in Cameroon.

We are motivated by a constant desire to operate as per the rules of trade.


  • We make ourselves available and are passionately involved in the smooth running of our Corporation as well as in achieving our goals. We are committed to keeping our promises to our various partners and are constantly in touch with them.
  • We devote all our capacities and our energies in carrying out our activities in compliance with the standards and norms of the trade. We cultivate obsession for performance and results. Generally, we are committed to the requirements of integrity and good governance in all our endeavours.
  • We encourage creativity and innovation. We are always open to change. More generally, we promote personal progress and development as well as the emergence of new ideas and solutions.
  • We constantly strive to protect, defend and safeguard the assets and interests of our Corporation. We commit ourselves individually and collectively to our actions. We respect the legitimate interests of our partners. We hold ourselves accountable.
  • Each of us sees ourselves as a link in the same chain: we act in solidarity. In our relationships, we each cultivate equal respect for ourselves and for others. We contribute freely and spontaneously to the smooth running of our Corporation. We consider dialogue as a privileged means of exchange and communication in our working relationships.