The SNI operates under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development and under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

It also has a Board of Directors composed as follows:

Board Chairman

Mr Désiré Geoffroy MBOCK

Board Members

Mr Célestin MAKOLE

Representative of the Presidency of the Republic

Mr FUH Calistus Gentry

Secretary of State to the Minister of Mines, Industries and Technological Development

Mr Gilbert Edoa

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance

Mr Richard Evina Obam

General Manager of the National Sinking Fund

Mr Jaji Manu Gidado

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries

Mr Patrick Mvondo Nna

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr Blaise Eugène NSOM

National Director of the Bank of Central African States

Mr Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo

Former Minister

Mr Gilbert Tsimi Evouna

Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council


Mr Evarist Tsala Onana

Judicial and Legal Officer

Mr Félix Ateck a Djam

Chief Tax Inspector

Our human capital is our main asset. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts, the most experienced of which are our Management Committee.


Mrs Yaou Aïssatou

General Manager

Mr Ambroise Ondoa Onana

Deputy General Manager

Mr Philippe Jacques Bertoua

Technical Adviser N ° 1

Mr Maxime Severin Assene

Internal Auditor

Mrs Aline Andze Olinga

Director of Investment

Mr Jacques Biakan

Director of Human Resources

Mr Paul Alain Dang Babagna

Deputy Director of Studies and Assistance

Mr Arcadius Foading Kuate

Deputy Director of Real Estate Operations

Mr Ferdinand Yene Kougou

Deputy Director of Legal Affairs

Mr Abakar Alhadji

Deputy Director of General Affairs