Established in 1964 in the form of a public company with the State as sole shareholder, the National Investment Corporation of Cameroon ( SNI),has the mission to mobilize and channel national savings and all other financial resources towards the financing of economic and social investment operations in the industrial, agricultural, commercial and financial sectors, as well as in the services and hotel sub-sectors.


All of this are done notably through :

  • Setting up projects
  • Carrying out studies or financial operations that can boost economic and social development in the country
  • Acquiring or buying shares in companies
  • Negotiating debentures, bonds and other negotiable instruments
  • Granting loans or providing backing to companies in which it owns equity in accordance with its internal rules and regulations
  • Conducting studies, evaluating projects and managing investment operations on behalf of the State, local and regional authorities and public establishments
  • Providing technical assistance to third parties for a fee